Navitas Employee Referral Program

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Navitas is on the growth path and we would like to invite you to refer a friend, family member or colleague for current open positions and earn up to $2000.
As a Navitas employee you now have a tremendous opportunity when you to introduce your extraordinary friends, family members and peers to career opportunities at our headquarters. If your eligible referrals apply and are hired, you will receive up to 2000 dollars! In order to qualify for the payment, your name must be listed by your referral at the start of the job application process.
The Employee Referral Program pays up to $2000 every time one of your eligible employee referrals is hired into an employee referral program eligible position at Navitas.
Who is eligible to receive the final payments?
You should be actively employed for the duration of the conditions in the employee referral program or must be an active associate.
• Employees who are not on unpaid leave.
• Members of non Human Resources and not staff with HR office responsibilities.
What positions are included in the referral program?
Navitas seeks highly qualified new employees for a variety of hard-to-fill positions and the positions that are eligible for the Employee Referral program are indicated in the Career section on the website.
Please refer to the current positions in the Careers section on the company website at for position description and the inclusion in the employee referral program.
Who is not eligible to be considered for referral through the Referral Program?
People in the following capacities are not eligible to be considered an applicant through the Referral Program.
• Non Graduates
• Hourly appointees
• Any referrals documented before the date of posting the new position will not be eligible for the Employee Referral Program
Human Resources reserve the right to evaluate program eligibility on a case-by-case basis.
How to refer someone?
Making referrals is very easy!
In order for you to be eligible for a referral payment, your referral must apply to us and refer your name. Alternatively, you can send in your referral’s resume and credentials to or
How are referral payment made?
Your referral payments will be made as below:
• $1000 will be paid after your referred employee completes three months on the job
• $1000 will be paid after your referred employee completes six months on the job
In order for you to be eligible to receive a referral payment, you and your referral must be employed by Navitas, in good standing, and in pay status at the time payment is to be made.
Referral payment will be paid through the payroll or the associate payment process and are subject to all applicable deductions and taxes. Referral payments are reported as income for tax purposes.
If you have questions about the program?
If you have questions about the program, please contact Human resources.

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