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Navitas CloudXport is a versatile data transportation solution that helps customers move data seamlessly to-and-from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3). AWS S3 is highly scalable, reliable, durable, and secure web object storage. CloudXport provides an easy means to access S3 as a shared folder or a drive on any computer.

Solutions currently available on the market require installation of special software on client machines or are offered as a service where the data is owned by the service provider. CloudXport is standards based solution that allows customers to use built-in file explorer tools on Windows, UNIX, or MacOS computers and do not require any additional software installation on client machines. Since customers retain their AWS credentials and encryption keys on-premise and take control and ownership of data they can rest assured their data are secure. CloudXport can be used to access S3 in US-GovCloud region.

Figure below shows a deployment scenario where one instance of CloudXport server is installed on- premise and another instance is deployed on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Data in the red and blue folders on user laptops and desktops are stored securely on AWS S3. In addition, any data residing on servers/storage on-premise can be moved to EC2 for DR, HPC, or Dev/Test.

Use Cases

CloudXport provides several mechanisms that users traditionally used to transport data such as Samba (SMB)/Common Internet File System (CIFS), Network File System (NFS), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The variety of options makes it a very useful tool for many use cases and relieves the customer of burden to manage storage.

• Create network share folders for collaboration
• Store data off site for Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operation (COOP)
• Move software and data for Dev/Test in the cloud
• Move data back and forth to leverage cloud for Map/Reduce or High Performance Cluster (HPC) workloads
• Host FTP/HTTP service to share datasets with the constituents and stakeholders for • information and research purposes

In all cases above, customers own the credentials to their S3 account and the keys used for encrypting the data in transit and at rest.

For a trial version of the software send an email to support@navitas-tech.com