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“IntegLoan” – A Loan Integration Platform for Financial Services Institutions
For many Banks and Credit Unions and Banks, existing Loan (i.e., Business, Commercial, or Retail) processing systems were either developed in-house, or purchased and integrated via COTS/Application Service Providers. However, in many cases they have not been integrated end-to-end or optimized. This has created multiple pain points such as –

  • Tightly Coupled systems
  • Lack of business process automation limiting loan processing throughput
  • Lack of straight through processing
  • Absence of data transparency
  • Manual coding errors during loan processing
  • Inadequate real-time/actionable loan pipeline intelligence

The path forward involves the following key considerations:

  • Leverage Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to build applications as services and provide for separation of concerns
  • Enable transparency via Business Process Management and associated automation
  • Introduce an enterprise service bus to integrate services and applications
  • Leverage real-time Operational reports to improve process flow and throughput
  • Manage risks associated with batch style systems and their integration via SOA based development and rules engines
  • Empower loan processors and customers by providing access to loan statuses and alerts via a web portal

Loan life cycle – A business process view

Navitas Business Consulting, with its partner Utile, can alleviate the indicated pain points using a proprietary loan integration/automation platform called “IntegLoan”, to optimize the entire loan cycle operation to yield measurable results.

This platform has been customized and deployed in large primary and secondary mortgage organizations and banks successfully. It is technology-agnostic and incorporates best practices in solution design and SOA. Our solution includes various component modules such as Scheduler, Service Orchestrator, Evaluation Engine, Pricing Engine, Data aggregator, Message Decomposer etc., working in tandem to automate the entire loan cycle from Application to Servicing and Reporting. It is rapidly scalable to a wide variety of loan portfolios.

For more information about IntegLoan send an email to support@navitas-tech.com

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