Our flexible delivery models leverage on state-of-art infrastructure and functional capabilities of our development centres in the US, and India.

Mastronix helps small businesses to have a place where they could capture certain information about their employees in a simple and effective manner. It is like building a personnel file on line. All the information you need is there, you just have to enter it and use it.

Mastronix Difference

Small businesses could grow if they are more effective in managing their employees. Compared to companies who do not practice employee management strategies, those companies who do can experience:

• 22% higher revenue growth
• 23% higher profit growth
• Over 66% reduction in employee turnover

What Mastronix Offers?

1. Automate your employee immigration system and Everify.
2. Retrieve documents on the fly for state and federal audits.
3. Put your hands on what you need, when you need it.
4. Manage employee information.
5. Organize your files and keep information current and easily accessed.
6. Talent and Skill search

For more information about Mastronix visit us at www.mastronix.com