Cloud Enablement

The dependence on Cloud has increased tremendously over the years as the world is adopting more advanced, modern, and synchronized means of connectivity. This dependence has kicked off the demand for agile transformation and cloud enablement solutions. Cloud management services of Navitas enable you to enjoy secure, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

It is easily understandable to feel the need for cloud-native microservices relating to storage and data relocation. We recognize that such services require specialized skills and expertise. Our expertise in cloud engineering provides all possible solutions to cloud-based issues as an IT delivery plan. Navitas identifies and appropriates relocating applications, provides model recommendations, and fully supports your team in the post-migration period. We guarantee a successful cloud migration of current applications while developing new collaborative solutions to meet our clients’ personal, public, and multi-cloud needs through our cloud enablement services.

Multi-cloud environments are in vogue as enterprises look towards numerous cloud providers. They are inclining to build cloud-native applications quickly to meet modern technology and polish their business abilities according to new requirements. They are also employing modern data platforms to unleash the full power of data and to treat their data as a strategic asset. Navitas will help you running a reliable cloud infrastructure, conveniently using cloud services such as containers and analytics or avoiding vendor lock-in. Therefore, a multi-cloud approach should dominate your cloud strategy.

Navitas provides a framework to help you define and implement a successful multi-cloud strategy with architecture, operating model, and execution guidelines. We make that repeatable while you transform the applications. Our framework empowers IT holistic visibility for multi-cloud environments through a single pane of glass. It gives you a consistent and secure posture while enhancing a smooth application experience for end-users. Our special cloud-management technical teams are incredibly efficient at cloud enablement. The quality of every engagement is monitored to add substantial value to your projects.

Navitas recognizes that each client has unique arrangements, requirements, and structures. So, our experienced team utilizes cultivated strategies to provide you with the best approach in managing your Azure, Amazon, GCP, or other cloud-based services.

We help you create innovation, integration, and automation in various aspects of cloud management, such as monitoring, provisioning, incident management, and change management. Navitas cloud management services also include the following benefits:

  • Supervision in operational agility and Cloud Management Standardized IT governance
  • Robust cloud-based infrastructure integration across enterprises
  • SLA-focused management plans tailored to client’s uptime requirements
  • 24/7 global management services availability
  • Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform, Data, and Windows and Devices

Our cloud engineering services provide an end-to-end solution for running an organization’s operations on Navitas-managed cloud infrastructure across all major providers. That is specifically optimized for the client’s application and data portfolios. 

We have expertise in improving your cloud reliability, scalability, and security. All these services are provided in a cost-efficient manner for our clients while optimizing their deep implementation via cloud engineering. 

Our services include cloud infrastructure, cloud engineering, integration, and cloud development of private and multi-cloud handling.

  • Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering Services: Navitas’ services help the clients to integrate their daily modern tech business experience seamlessly.
  • Cloud Development & Integration: We ensure our clients get their cloud transformation precisely for the very first time. We have employed highly skilled experts with extensive experience in leading Cloud computing platforms and technologies to help you make the right decisions.

Navitas cloud transformation services make it easy for organizations to manage the workloads while also mitigating the operational cost.

We provide services and solutions for highly regulated organizations to make them safe, secure, optimized, and compliant for their end-users throughout their cloud journey.

  • Application Assessment
  • Migration Plan
  • Cloud-Native Application Architecture
  • Cloud Migration Implementation
  • Disaster Recovery Services (DR)

The challenges of IT Infrastructure monitoring include different tools for different platforms out of many that do not wholly support new solutions.

Navitas guides clients through the process of implementation of comprehensive and effective agile transformation monitoring as: 

  • A dashboard view is established for system availability, health, and performance.
  • AIOPs for correlating, visualizing, and predicting issues across hybrid IT stacks are ensured.
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) providing a complete view of applications and operating environments to instantly understand application performance, dependencies, and bottlenecks. Then provide actionable insights across the IT environment.
  • Analytics-driven SIEM solutions combining a big data platform optimized for machine learning data with advanced Artificial Intelligence analytics, threat detection, monitoring tools, incident response tools, and multiple forms of threat intelligence.
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