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If you want to thrive in the competitive market and counter today's unforeseen challenges, you will need data modernization to access it quickly. Navitas provides deep insights into data engineering and modernization. We enable our clients to control their data in real-time, with the precision of reporting and making resolution seamless.

Be ready for the change you are seeking. Redefine decision-making and turn analytics into Data insights. Companies that are looking for excellence stand high in competitions. They assure to use of Data correctly with intelligence and data insights. Eventually, they win increased market shares, better delivery of products, and satisfactory customer experience.

It has become essential for digital businesses to transform their legacy systems through Data Modernization and data engineering. Our data modernization approach makes it possible for you to respond in real-time with agility, practical stature, and actionable insights.

  • Modern Data Platforms: Navitas works with clients to develop unique Modern Database solutions to secure, centralize, and analyze data.
  • Lake House: We combine the capabilities of data lakes and data warehouses and make data available for data intelligence, management, machine learning, and business analytics.
  • Data Mesh: We eliminate the complexities of data integration and manage how you connect, process, and access your data.

Navitas uses digital tools and modern techniques to establish an organized structure for your data through Data Engineering. We help you maintain the quality of your data and harness the power of your data.

  • Data Pipelines: Navitas helps you develop data pipelines designed to assist in the enrichment, validation, automation, transfer, and loading of data.
  • Data Governance: We use automated governance tools to get your data arranged and trustworthy. We guide you to address your privacy, security, and compliance issues.
  • Data Lineage: Navitas’ experts track down the origin of your data. We evaluate its implications on your business, may it be analytics, applications, or processes.
  • Data Catalog: We enhance your approach to organize, manage, and utilize your data in a resourceful way.
  • Data Quality: Navitas ensures the authenticity, accuracy, relevancy, and comprehensiveness of your valuable data.

Clients need immediate access to data insights to be flexible and evolve as new challenges appear. Navitas provides a means for clients to assume control of their data in real time with precision reporting and valuable insight, making resolution seamless.

Navitas has the experience of working with organizations of all sizes. We have evolved expertise to identify the appropriate tools to observe and analyze your data. Whether cloud or onsite deployment or multiple mobile and media channels, Navitas provides data insight solutions that integrate with existing infrastructures while adapting to meet current needs.

New technologies are disrupting traditional ways of data management and business operations. Navitas promises to bring speed, simplification, and significant cost optimization for its clients.

Our new approach of automation and Agile DataOps focuses on data governance and integration. It ensures predictable data delivery and changes data management in a cost-efficient manner. Our automated pipelines focus on data governance and integration by using technology to automate, orchestrate, and operationalize data usage. Navitas builds end-to-end data workflows from data access to value delivery. In this way, cross-functional teams can quickly innovate, test, and deliver on-demand insights for data-driven decision-making. We efficiently add automated tests at every step in your development and production pipelines. We also reduce errors and empower our business clients to adopt analytics they trust the most.

Increase staff productivity and improve value-adding services by benefitting from the emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Navitas provides the desired blend of decision-making and data insights by applying classic analytical and statistical methodologies to each project. Our services result in innovative products and improved product delivery. These features set the stage for the construction and execution of unique ML solutions for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Anomaly Detection (AD), Image Processing, Churn Detection or Computer Vision (CV), Biometrics or Identification, Chatbots, Fraud, Risk & Churn-Rate Analysis, Video Conferences & Notes Transcription, Sentiment Analysis.

Navitas also engages AI to evaluate human actions using virtual agents, intelligent automation, and chatbots. We effectively perform repetitive tasks, increase staff productivity, and free the workforce to support value-adding services.

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