Digital Transformation

Navitas provides solutions for enterprises that effectuate their businesses by implementing cloud-native serverless Applications on web and mobile platforms.

Navitas also provides the strategic roadmap for digital services enablement across the enterprise. We deploy highly portable, cloud/platform-agnostic enterprise applications, which can typically run on containers and follow the Microservices Architecture (MSA) paradigm.

Navitas provides an agile operating model that enables our clients to cope with continuous change. They become self-sufficient to capitalize on the latest trends. Our clients always gain greater agility by securing better results through constant automation and agile transformation.

Navitas has enabled numerous large organizations to develop an enterprise transformation approach by using our bespoke agile development process. This transformation circumscribes organizational change, funnel design, work intake and prioritization, project decomposition, portfolio visualization, and portfolio flow metrics.

Effective migration of applications to the Cloud seeks to monitor cloud solutions to ensure the client’s compliance and meet his security demands.

Navitas Application Modernization Services enable the organizations to leverage the years of investment they have made in their application assets. We manage the entire lifecycle of modernizations from accelerating projects using migration and automation engines to deliver more from IT budgets. Our systematic approach is powered by automation, traceability, and transparency. Navitas provides the platform to modernize current applications efficiently and safely while developing new solutions utilizing cloud platforms.

DevSecOps automates the integration of security at every phase of the software development from initial design to integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery. We believe that DevSecOps is all about people, process, and technology. We control the application of lean principles and automation to drive better collaboration between your application delivery and IT operations professionally.

Navitas shortens software delivery releases, stays ahead in the competition and reduces cost by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms. The rapid, secure delivery of DevSecOps saves time and reduces costs by minimizing the need to repeat a process while address security issues. Our DevOps service uses the foundational principles of collaboration, cohesion, automation, and feedback to eliminate any inefficiencies throughout the delivery software lifecycle.

Navitas keeps HCD flow-oriented for the end-user. We develop solutions for fluent usability and human interaction for native apps to mobile using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technologies. Smooth User Experience and User Interface for complex software solutions for which Navitas is an expert.

  • User Research: Our vast range of research tools help us develop a nuanced approach to polish the end-user experiences.
  • Market Research: Our HCD is compiled after an extensive analysis of competitive products. We pay heed to functionality, features, and user experience while providing the best design.
  • Design: We do not rely on strangled paths, but diverse approaches are applied to design for better user interaction.
  • Testing: Quantitative surveys, Usability reports, and Analytics reports are employed before delivering the final design. So, we plan practical testing that no discrepancies are left behind for even minor interruption.

Kubernetes software facilitates container adoption for our clients by running deployments with thousands of containers in production critical for a microservices architecture.

Navitas guides you in realizing business and IT drivers, defining strategies and roadmaps, and selecting the right Kubernetes platform for cloud-native microservices, batch processing, stateless applications, and API. We make sure to properly run for you reliable, measurable, and secure Kubernetes clusters by assessing your business processes' maturity and preparedness.


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