Navitas Automatik

Navitas Automatik

We maintain a single-click, more manageable, and more sustainable approach to the rapid development, testing, and deployment of enterprise apps.

Optimize productivity and automate with Navitas Automatik.

Secure lifecycle development of Agile Software requires to focus on continuous integration, Infrastructure as Code, continuous deployment, and automatic integration. These are salient aspects of highly productive development teams. Navitas Automatik’s framework optimizes your team's productivity by providing necessary tools, establishing processes, and integrating various aspects of rapid development, testing, and deployment, as well as automating software development and operations processes. The solution provides functionality to automate a template's deployment with a single click, respecting the specified conditions. The deployment process collects dynamic parameters if the template requests these and notifies users when the deployment has been completed or if any errors occur. It is permissible to use the cloud platform’s native orchestration service to accomplish this functionality. Our single-click approach offers a simplified deployment experience and better change management while reducing the opportunities for errors and allowing developers more time to focus on more critical issues. Navitas Automatik will also enable enterprises to deliver superior customer experiences by integrating new technologies into their applications.

Navitas Automatik provides the following services:

  • Convenient templates to create and deploy microservices
  • Version control for all artifacts related to producing container images, including Dockerfiles and deployment manifests
  • Supports continuous integration, Infrastructure as code, and constant deployment through standardized pipelines
  • Apply policies to determine permissible images

Benefits of Navitas Automatik:

  • Establishes an environment for the integration of automation tools
  • Provides a training ground for developers to understand and develop secure software
  • Provides the ability to experiment with new DevOps tools
  • Integrates applications and services with various cloud providers
  • Empowers everyone to deploy (even the product owner)
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