Consent-based data sharing

Adopt data consent and policy-driven approaches for data sharing.

We treat Data Security, Governance, and Privacy in isolation. Companies gather and generate an immense amount of critical, sensitive, and PII data, but they are often mixed with business and transactional information spread across multiple applications, databases, and endpoints.

As we start using consumer data, there is a need to mitigate data risks and save on non-compliance costs. We also find ways for digital transformation, innovation, new products & services, and staying competitive without sacrificing the customer data and while enforcing the consumer's consent (Data Owner).

NavDSG provides the following services:

  • Data Strategy services for classification and data mapping
  • Data discovery and security policy services
  • Data management and data sharing architecture
  • Data privacy and digital rights management services

Benefits of NavDSG:

  • Reduced data risk exposure and compliance responsibility
  • Data is encrypted and encapsulated with policies, consent, access control, and authorization
  • Policies and consent enforced before sharing of any data
  • Access policies enforced at the attribute level
  • Rich set of APIs for policy and control administration Audit trail for compliance
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