Advanced Data Analytics

  • Are you a large organization with widely dispersed distributed services?
  • Do you have a global large-scale implementations across geos, platforms, applications, or services?
  • Do you require leveraging resources that may not be continuously connected to a network such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and sensors?
  • Do you want to leverage cutting-edge technology and yet reduce cost with superior operational excellence?

Many problems - Complex infrastructure, distributed teams, remote locations, heterogeneous platforms, geos, devices, protocols and many unknowns

One solution, Navitas Edge IoT

Why Edge IoT

As it turns out, Local data processing along with the cloud-based processing is the key for business excellence. As Amazon Web Services refers to these broad reasons as “laws” because we expect them to hold even as technology improves:

  • Law of Physics: Most customers want to build distributed applications that make the most interactive and critical decisions locally, such as safety-critical control. Per laws of physics, it takes time to send and receive data to and fro cloud with networks latency and availability. Customers in physically remote environments, such as agriculture and defense, are more affected by these issues.
  • Law of Economics: In many industries, data production has grown more quickly than bandwidth, and much of this data is low value. Local aggregation, segmentation, and filtering of data allows customers to send only high-value data to the cloud for storage and analysis thereby saving huge costs.
  • Law of the Land: In some industries, customers have regulatory or compliance requirements to isolate or duplicate data in particular locations. Some governments impose data sovereignty restrictions on where data may be stored and processed.
Advantage Navitas Edge IoT

Our Edge IoT solutions deploy cloud services on a plethora of devices (could be POS system, IoT device, Business outlets etc.,) allowing you to manage data effectively, run analytics and gain insights and business intelligence locally.

Our Edge IoT solutions provide code equilibrium between the cloud and the edge, enabling the teams collaborate seamlessly and offering the right environment for developers to focus on creating value to customers and businesses rather than wasting time in managing infrastructure.

With our Edge IoT solutions, Businesses become more agile and smart as the otherwise painful and tedious jobs such as data availability, speed to analysis and inability to predict the future are well-taken care of by Edge IoT. IoT edge provides a perfect solution to make streaming data available as fast as possible to their machine learning and analytical models.

Customers typically scale down the volume or reduce sample rates in order to make data available to their models faster. This technique in the past could only provide limited confidence in the decision making process on the edge. As businesses discover new learnings, it is now paramount for decision making process to use all of the data and across various components for better decision making. Solving this problem will need new architectures and design patterns that will need to leverage processing on the edge.

We at Navitas have successfully helped our customers navigate this problem with an architecture that typically involves deploying & scaling the Edge, Model deployment to the edge, movement of large data volumes from edge to a cloud storage sink. Building Edge IoT solution is a complex, time consuming process with heterogeneous platforms, geos, devices, protocols, communication challenges and many unknowns; but Navitas Edge IoT can help you started fast.

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