Data Insights

Clients need immediate access to data insights to be flexible and evolve as new challenges appear. Navitas provides a means for clients to assume control of their data in real time with precision reporting and valuable insight, making resolution seamless.

Navitas works with clients to develop each unique Modern Database aimed at securing, centralizing and analyzing data in a single, easy to manage location.

Navitas assists in the development of an up-to-date data pipeline designed for the enrichment, validation, transfer, and loading of data while managing assimilations across applications, APIs, and databases.

Utilizing the limitless opportunities afforded by the Cloud, Navitas develops data warehouses using renowned substructures with a guarantee of rapid scalability and consistency.

Navitas works with organizations of all sizes to identify the appropriate tools for each job.

Whether cloud or onsite deployment or multiple mobile and media channels, Navitas provides data insight solutions that integrate with existing infrastructures while adapting to meet current needs.

The purpose of a data lake - which is a concept, not a technology - is to enable loading, storing and processing of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data and allow an on-demand, unrefined view of gathered data.

A data lake often has a dedicated purpose, such as genomics or fraud analytics, and can operate as a component of a larger analytics system.

A data lake platform is scalable and able to store data in an exact or near-exact format without modeling before loading. Navitas works with clients to interpret the data and determine the best application for identified use case scenarios.

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