Digital Engineering

Navitas provides solutions for enterprises that enable business by implementing cloud native, serverless applications on web and mobile platforms. Navitas provides the strategic roadmap for digital services enablement across the enterprise and deploys highly portable, cloud/platform agnostic enterprise applications which typically run on containers and follow the MSA architecture paradigm.

Monitoring the growth of revolutionary technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker, Navitas tailors solutions to meet individual client needs.

Our solutions are designed for flexibility and to evolve as client demands grow.

API adoption has been driven by their role in mobile apps, modern web architectures, cloud services, digital strategies of leading enterprises, and industry and government regulatory requirements, making them a necessary component of any new architecture.

Navitas enables customers with their API-oriented (headless) approach to decouple UI and integrations from enterprise applications. Navitas assists clients in modernizing traditional SOA/ESB based systems into contemporary micros services architecture (MSA) API capabilities.

Navitas provides the roadmap for driving drive the API adoption in all facets, including security, observability and business functionality.

Navitas works with trusted partners to create Serverless data applications built on cloud databases for concurrent processing, analyzing and implementation of data.

New applications allow for data analysis and processing without enhanced infrastructure, reducing operational and capital expenses.

Enterprise applications are transforming to follow Single Page Application (SPA) with reactive technologies.

Navitas provides solutions that deliver a rich and responsive user experience on any device.

Alongside web and mobile, "Conversation" is the latest user interface applications and services must support.

Use cases should focus on user relevant tasks for interaction with team members or chatbots. Although APIs vary, Navitas works with clients to develop a common architecture to integrate chatbots across multiple platforms.

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