Hybrid IT

Continued technological advancement have resulted in demand for an agile infrastructure and increased dependence on the cloud. Navitas has in-depth understanding of the crucial need to relocate storage and other data resources to the cloud and we recognize that such a task requires specialized skills and expertise.

Along with evaluating cloud solutions as an IT delivery plan, Navitas identifies appropriate relocation applications, provides model recommendations, and supports your team post-migration. We guarantee a successful migration of current applications while developing new solutions to meet our clients’ personal, public and hybrid cloud needs.

A key enabling technology for automation, hybrid clouds, and edge infrastructure is Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) with the maximum vision of "hyperconverged" being a full-stack SDI.

Navitas enables customers Hybrid IT journey by enabling them with implementation of leading Hyper Converged Infrastructure solutions like Nutanix, VMware etc.

Navitas provides automation support by treating Infrastructure as code (IaC); Navitas solution of SDI can be used as the foundation of private IaaS or IaC which enables SDN (Software Defined Networking) and SDS (Software Defined Storage).

Navitas clients experience a successful, effective and efficient migration. Our team has the unique ability to transform applications by hosting, creating, and/or spreading them on PaaS or IaaS cloud platforms:

  • Cloud Iaas/Paas Implementation: Navitas will assist in planning, building, and managing a cloud substructure utizling an astute selection of modernized cloud services including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Cloud Saas Development: Our team will leverage procedure-instinctive functional answers through SaaS models.
  • Disaster Recovery: Navitas establishes Cloud DR, enabling the recovery of lost data for businesses and executes backup strategies.

Effective migration of applications to the cloud requires trend monitoring of cloud solutions to ensure the client’s compliance and security demands are met.

Navitas provides the platform to efficiently and safely relocate current applications while developing news solutions utilizing cutting edge computing cloud platforms.

Navitas recognizes that client has unique arrangements, requirements, and structures, so our team employs our extensive experience when identifying the most efficient

  • SLA-focused management plans tailored to client uptime requirements
  • 24/7, global management services availability
  • AWS Managed Services provider (MSP) program proficiency
  • Dedicated business services in tandem with Network Operations Center care and vigilance of the client’s Cloud

The challenges of IT Infrastructure monitoring include disparate tools for different platforms and many do not fully support current solutions.

Navitas guides clients through the implementation of comprehensive and effective agile monitoring with:

  • A dashboard view of system availability, health and performance
  • AIOPs for correlating, visualizing and predicting issues across hybrid IT stacks
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for actionable insights across the IT environment
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