Project Navitas Automatik

Agile Software secure lifecycle development requires focus on continuous integration, infrastructure as code, continuous deployment, and automatic integration. These are important aspects of highly productive development teams. Navitas Automatik framework provides the tools, establish processes, integrates various aspects of rapid development, testing and deployment, thereby optimize the productivity of your team.

Automatik helps to bring together software development and operations by automating the processes.

Navitas Labs provides the following services:

  • Easy to use Templates to create/deploy microservices
  • Containerizing applications for rapid deployment.
  • Standardized pipelines that support continuous integration, infrastructure as code, continuous deployment.

Benefits of Navitas Labs:

  • Provides environment for integrating various automation tools.
  • Training ground for developers to understand /develop secure software.
  • Experimenting with new devops tools
  • Integrate applications and services with various cloud providers.
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