Navitas Private Cloud Factory

Navitas Private Cloud Factory

Our multi-cloud operating model guides the acceleration of multi-cloud adoption.

Accelerate your multi-cloud adoption with Navitas Cloud Factory.

Navitas Cloud Factory is our in-house innovation initiative to demonstrate Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Our Cloud Factory mimics cloud-like and API-driven Infrastructure to the data center and the edge. It enables automation and hybrid clouds. Navitas Labs are built on leading HCI vendors in the space like Nutanix. We set up a complete, functional, and end-to-end private Cloud within our data center that virtually computes storage and memory. We accelerate automation by providing API-driven self-service functionality for the application developer community within the organization. The fundamental underpinnings for our Navitas Accelerators are:

  • Client demonstrations in our core competencies: Multi-Cloud, Digital Transformation, and Data & Intelligence.
  • The IaaS services for our Container Management Platform (CMP) are based on a Kubernetes-based orchestration.
  • We assist in Elasticity and hyper-convergence by adding additional nodes to the Nutanix Cluster for scaling needs.

We establish a platform for you to enable Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for our internal demonstrations and product evaluations.

  • We secure solutions based on private Cloud that are suitable for our clients who are cognizant of the risks of public cloud solutions.
  • Our experts provide training and support for your employees to test drive the latest frameworks and tools that we offer in our Integration Services.

Navitas Private Cloud Factory provides the following services:

  • Visualization for Computer, through Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)
  • Access to Acropolis Storage – Software-Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Access to Software Defined Network (SDN) - Flow
  • Use of web-based management console to maintain the Private Cloud Clusters
  • Standard setup includes High Availability (HA)
  • Scaled capacity (horizontal) through additional nodes on the private Cloud
  • Container management platform through IaaS
  • Training and provisioning of computing resources through Self Service Web Console

Benefits of Navitas Private Cloud Factory:

  • Accelerate your vendor selection
  • Foster innovation for internal product and training teams through testing access to our most innovative frameworks and technologies
  • Private and secure access to our private Cloud on our own data center, accessed only by our corporate VPN
  • Flexible options to reduce costs on the public Cloud (Opex), with the ability to utilize our private Cloud for applications
  • Our automation capability for our DevOptimize framework is developed based on DevSecOps constructs
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