Navitas Shield

Navitas Shield

Our framework for a secure, protected, and optimized Cloud.

Protect and optimize your Cloud with Navitas Shield.

Cloud IT can expand your capabilities and make your operations more agile. However, this also invites more attacks and increased risk. A protected and optimized Cloud requires compliance with various security regulations and compliance requirements. Navitas Shield provides a framework to continuously monitor, automatically identify risks in real-time, and provide real-time alerting and compliance reporting accordingly. We compare the baseline with many vital attributes of the cloud environment with data gathered securely from your environment. We perform a HealthCheck assessment on your environment's architecture and deployment and provide any gaps compared with industry-best practices based on our in-depth discovery. We provide a documented evaluation of your domain in its current health with an Architecture summary, which illustrates how it compares with operational security best practices and actionable recommendations.

Navitas Shield provides the following services:

  • Systems monitoring is ensured through standardized and configured tools
  • Vulnerability scanning, container images scanning, and penetration testing
  • Log, traces, and metrics collection for monitoring
  • Collection of security-related data
  • Monitoring encryption protection against data stores
  • Misconfiguration in a cloud storage bucket
  • Running automated compliance checks across your digital environment

Benefits of Navitas Shield:

  • An easily configurable alerting system
  • Solutions for vulnerability findings
  • Compliance and log analytics
  • Proactive monitoring and analysis, data visualization, event correlation and alerting
  • Build custom dashboards for health check deliverables and actionable recommendations aligned with best practices
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