Navitas Successfully Completes 2021 Summer Intern Program

Navitas Successfully Completes 2021 Summer Intern Program

From Icebreakers, Trivia, and hiking, to Assignments, Research Discussions, Group Lectures, & Final Presentations, we'd say we made the most of our 6-week program!

A special thank you to #TeamNavitas for your time, attention, and enthusiasm in helping make our 2nd Annual Intern Program a success!

  • Program Designers: Venu Naguboyina, Chaitanya Palakayala, Shrirang Shripad, Siva Thota
  • Program Coordinators: Shalini Bagga, Punam Patel, Revati Patil, Sabrina Woodlief
  • Guest Speakers: Vincent Beach, Bharadwaj Gali, Edward Ellis, Shashi Goli, Menmozhi Kishore, Subbu Malapaka, Srinivasrao Marri, Seenu Talasila, Sabrina Woodlief, Goutham Yalamanchilli


Reasons why I loved my internship experience at Navitas:

  • "It was interactive, everyone was kind, fun, and friendly, and the environment/staff were understanding and encouraging."
  • "I was impressed with the positive work environment/ethic."
  • "The internship was informative with quality guest speakers."
  • "The level of engagement, with both staff and peers - from assignments and icebreakers to trivia, games, and in-person meetups."
  • "It was an overall amazing experience."
  • "I felt welcomed, supported, and encouraged from Day 1."

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