Shashi Goli Selected to Lead ACT-IAC DHS FIE Team

Shashi Goli, Vice-President of Consulting Services at Navitas Business Consulting, has been selected to lead ACT-IAC's DHS FIE (Federal Insights Exchange) Team, which fosters substantive conversation between government and industry. Learn more about upcoming panel events and memberships at 


About ACT-IAC – Accelerating Government Mission Outcomes through Collaboration, Leadership and Education. The American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) is a non-profit educational organization established to create a more effective and innovative government. ACT-IAC provides a unique, objective, and trusted collaboration forum where government and industry executives work as partners to address crucial issues, apply best practices and pioneer innovative solutions. ACT-IAC also provides high quality learning and educational opportunities to improve the knowledge and expertise of the government workforce—both public and private. Further information about ACT-IAC can be found at 

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